“You Are Not Entitled to Your Own Facts”

In a effort to defend himself in the first Presidential debate last Tuesday night Governor Romney told President Obama “Mr President, you are entitled to your own plane, and your own house, but not to your own facts.”

One would assume based on that ideology that the person who makes such a statement would hold themselves to that same standard, right? Well you know what they say about assuming. Appearently Mr. Romney is hoping for that very dynamic. But I promise you after reading this,  neither you or me will be made an ass of.

Today Romney spoke to a crowd of cadets at Virginia Militaty Institute, in what his campaign called a major foreign policy address. Where he promplty gave a scathing criticism of not only the Obama administration, but more narrowly focused on the President himself. The Republican nominee blamed the President specifically for potential defense cuts that Republicans in Congress worked out with the White House and Democrats and gave the  misinterpretation that President has ignored free trade initiatives.


So let’s see what the “fact checkers” have to say about the Governor’s latest assertions.

Romney: “I will roll back the President’s deep and arbitrary cuts to our national defense that would devastate our military.”

Now before I get into the actual fact checking, let me assert that I am sooooo tired of every criticism about the President and his administration always being taken to the most extreme scenario to the degree that it borders on fear mongering. For example, he is the most liberal president ever, and that when that became ineffective he was all of the sudden a flat out socialist. He he also been called “the most dangerous president in history.” While working a promotions event for the radio station I intern for, I can recall two young men trying to make the argument to me that the president is a dictator and that we are living under a dictatorship. Please people, stop it! It is ok and reasonable to disagree with the current administration and not have to go to such unbelieveable and baseless extremes to make your point. As a matter of fact, if anything it only undermines your creditbility. Take that for what it’s worth all of you tea partiers and right wingers.

But I digress, and back to Mr. Romney’s facts (or lack thereof). As reported in Yahoo News:

THE FACTS: “Arbitrary” defense cuts do not belong to Obama alone but also to congressional Republicans, including his vice presidential running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan. The first round of cuts in projected defense spending is the result of a bipartisan deal in August 2011 between Congress and the White House to wrestle down the deficit. Unless a new budget deal is reached in time, additional spending cuts will begin in January across government, and the cost to the Pentagon would be $500 billion over a decade. Lawmakers are working to avoid that.  Separately, Obama wants to slow the growth of military spending, now that the war in Iraq is ended and the war in Afghanistan is drawing to a close.  The Pentagon’s budget, including war costs, is $670 billion this year, or about 18 percent of total federal spending. Even setting aside the costs of the wars, military spending has more than doubled since 2001.

At its heart, Romney’s statement marks a disagreement with Obama over the proper level of military spending but also skips past a deficit-reduction deal that he recently criticized Republicans in Congress for negotiating.


Wow, military spending has more than doubled since 2001, and that doesn’s include the cost of the wars! Amazing. It just goes to show not only that Govenor Romney is once again lying by omission, but it also underscores the dynamic that in most cases the President can’t “win for losing.” What that means for those of you not familiar with the colloquialism is that no matter what the President does, it will be viewed in an unfavorable light. He increases military (I’m sure to the chagrin of much of his base) and Republicans still find reason to find fault and access blame. Can you imagine the groaning that would be bellowed if military spending had been stagnant or God forbid decreased? Oh, Obama is trying to set our country up to be taken over, or he is weakening our status in the world. Oh wait a minute, that’s what they say now. Case and point.

But back to my earlier point, I would imagine based on Romney’s accusations that the president is not a truth teller that the Governor would himself to a higher standard. But politics sometimes is just like grade school. Whoever pointed out that someone passed gas, is probably the person that did it.


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